Athena Ruby

The tools and documents below pertain to Athena Ruby, Dumbarton Oaks' font for publishing Byzantine inscriptions.

As of June 1, 2012, the font is in beta testing. Unofficial news, documentation, tools, and examples are provided here. This is also where the latest version of the font can be downloaded. As items on this page mature, they will be pushed to the official Dumbarton Oaks website. A widespread, public announcement about the font will be made once a critical mass of support documents and tools are assembled.

You use the font, documentation, and ancillary tools at your own risk. At this early stage, users are assumed to understand how to install a font and how to play around with different types of text-processing software. You have a wonderful opportunity to help make Athena Ruby more useful to the community. Contribute to some of the documentation, tools, and examples below. Or create some new tools. If you have a comment or question, please send it to the group, not to any individual at Dumbarton Oaks.

Maturing tools and documentation

Athena Ruby

Build 017 (17 October 2012) -- ready for beta testing, but not intended for widespread public release.

Version for installing on your local PC or Mac (zipped).

Version for installing on your server, for online publications (zipped). Includes four versions: ttf (web-friendly), woff, svg, and eot. It is important to have all four, because there are wide differences in the way major browsers handle specialized typography. See the CSS code on the fourth tab in the demo page.

Ensemble of Athena Ruby characters

Adobe Acrobat or InDesign 5.5 file (zipped).

Word document (zipped).

Users are welcome to modify and adapt these files as they see fit.

Database of Characters | HTML | XML

Lists all glyphs in Athena Ruby, documenting Unicode points, equivalences in older DO fonts, published examples, etc. Working draft. See comments in XML file. May take a while to load up (despite being ca. 500kb), depending on your browser. Looks best in Firefox and Opera (Mac versions tested). Some browsers (Chrome for Mac) won't even read a raw XML file. (Safari will display it if it is a local copy.) The comments in the XML file at the head list the tasks that remain to be done on this file before it can be used well.

Ancillary files of interest: XML schema | XSLT (for html page)

Demo page of Athena Ruby

Note especially the fourth tab, which supplies the CSS code needed to make font display work with all the various major browsers. Generated by Font Squirrel, a very useful font utility.

Athena Ruby manual

Working draft.

Example of a Byzantine seal (local | Daggett)

Experimental display of a seal using Athena Ruby and character variants and discretionary ligatures.

Character variant test (local | Daggett)

Test page for character variants.

Google group for Athena Ruby.

Ask a few questions, answer some, and offer tips and tricks.

Conversion tool for legacy fonts (Athena > Athena Ruby)

Developed February 2013. Under testing.

Athena Ruby palette

Webpage to allow a user to pick specific glyphs in Athena Ruby. Under development.

Rudimentary tools and documentation

Athena Ruby ensemble

Basic HTML page with all the standard and nonstandard Unicode points supported. Includes experiments in advanced features, using CSS 3.