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Texts & Translations

Digitized Greek Texts


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Göttingen The Göttingen, the most important critical edition of the LXX, is available:
Logos Bible Software: Supplement to their Bible software.
Oak Tree Software: Supplement to Accordance 8 Bible Software.

CCAT, University of Pennsylvania: HTML, Text, Parsed ASCII. This is the source of most other editions' electronic files; any updates or corrections to the text will occur here first. HTML files in Unicode format
Biola University: Zipped text file, based on CCAT. Four different download formats: text format without diacritical marks; UTF-8 without diacritical marks; UTF-8 with diacriticals; and text format with morphological parsing
Blue Letter Bible: HTML with .GIF images
Church of Greece: HTML, Text
Deutschen Bibelgesellschaft: HMTL
Ralph Hancock: Zipped MS Word 97 file, using unicode font; prob. based on CCAT
Kata-Π. HTML unicode, probably based on CCAT. Includes facing translation of Brenton/RSV.
Luxnos Bible Project. HTML unicode, unaccented. A work in progress, this site hopes to provide, eventually, a lexicon, a wiki for discussion, and a concordance.
Magister's Library: HTML, based on CCAT, with diacritical marks; site is in Russian
Online Bible: Module for the free Online Bible program. HTML, Text, based on CCAT, but without diacritical marks
StudyLight: Interlinear study bible website that offers the Greek of the LXX hyperlinked to Strong's Concordance and analysis and translation of each Greek word.
TITUS: HTML, with unicode font, based on CCAT.
Jeff Zizz: PDF of the CCAT text, without diacriticals.

Brooke and McLean (Cambridge ed.) Volume I: The Octateuch, Part I: Genesis: Google book, as pdf scan
Volume I: The Octateuch, Part II: Exodus and Leviticus: Google book, as pdf scan
Volume I: The Octateuch, Part III: Numbers and Deuteronomy: Google book, as pdf scan
Swete CCEL: HTML, as scanned images
Tischendorf Apostolic Diakonia (Church of Greece): Entire OT online, using (I believe) Tischendorf's text. Be sure to set your browser to encode your text as Greek (ISO).
Miscellaneous Codex Siniaticus: Tischendorf's facsimile of Codex Siniaticus in .jpg format, hosted by TC.
Codex Freer: Sander's edition of Codex Freer in .jpg format, hosted by TC.
Elepnor's Bilingual (Greek/English) Edition: Claims to be based on the text used by the Church of Greece. Unicode Greek. With facing translation by Brenton.
Sixtine-Aldine synthesis: Editors are now adapting the text, which currently seems to be based on 16th c. editions, to include the Complutensian Polyglot. Editor has also made available the 1709 Bos edition of the Old Testament. Greek text lacks diacritical marks, but every Greek word is placed between an English translation and its Strong's number. Adobe Acrobat format.
Comparative CCAT, University of Pennsylvania.Greek (Rahlfs), Hebrew, and Aramaic texts placed side-by-side.
Gruen, Chip: Perl-programmed module to summon the Greek and Hebrew of verses in the Penteteuch, in HTML.
Variants CCAT, University of Pennsylvania: HTML, Text, Significant Greek variations from the Septuagint. It is nearly impossible to use these files unless you avail yourself of the introduction to the text of Ruth. This project is still ongoing, and the results posted at the UPenn site may change in the future as more work is done.
Papyri Duke University: HTML, as images
Universität zu Köln: HTML, as .JPG images. Papyri of P967. Books of Ezekiel, Daniel, Bel and the Dragon, Susanna, and Esther

Translations Online

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English: Asser Orthodox England: Translation by an Orthodox layman, Michael Asser, based on the Greek text of the version published by the Greek Orthodox Church (Apostoliki Diakonia). Builds upon the KJV translation. Adobe Acrobat files.
English: New English Translation of the Septuagint New English Translation of the Septuagint: Complete final Adobe Acrobat files of the 2007 translation of the LXX. See their introduction for an explanation on how translation proceeded.
English: Orthodox Study Bible Orthodox Study Bible (older site): Sample Adobe Acrobat files translations in progress.
English: Papoutsis Peter Papoutsis. HTML files of the ongoing English translation (since 2006).
English: Prophetologion Archimandrite Ephrem: Translation of the text of the Old Testament lectionary of the Eastern Orthodox Church
English: Sir Lancelot Brenton (1851) CCEL: HTML, Text
Christian Media: HTML
Devoted to Truth: HTML, Text
Elepnor's Bilingual (Greek/English) Edition: Has facing Greek text, claimed to be based on the text used by the Church of Greece.
Ernie Marsh: HTML, Text. Apocryphal books, except 3 and 4 Macc are KJV.
Kata-Π. Includes facing Gree: HTML, Text. Apocryphal books, except 3 and 4 Macc are KJV.
Google Books (volume 1 | volume 2): PDF of Brenton's 1844 Old Testament (without Apocrypha), published before his bilingual edition.
(Google Books): PDF of Brenton's 1871 Apocrypha), published before his bilingual edition.
Kata-Π"">Online Bible program
Boston Christian Bible Study Resources
: Module for the free Online Bible program
English: Brenton, revised

Paul W. Esposito, editor and reviser of Brenton's translation. Titled The Apostle's [sic] Bible. Revision appears to be only slight, and covers only those books in the traditional Jewish/Protestant canon. Available online, or sold as a printed version through a third party.
EOB: The Eastern/Greek Orthodox Bible. Orthodox revision of the translation of Brenton, with nearly 200 pp. of introductory material presenting Eastern Orthodox perspectives on Scripture. As of 2007, version is being revised. Includes call for volunteers.

English: Psalter Holy Transfiguration Monastery: HTML, arranged according to Orthodox kathismata. Translation taken from their 1974 translation.
New Skete: HTML, arranged according to Orthodox kathismata. The translation is based essentially on the Hebrew, but has been modified somewhat to reflect LXX readings.
English: Howard H. E. J. Howard, trans., The Books of Numbers and Deuteuronomy, according to the Version of the LXX. Google books.
English: Thompson (1808) Charles Thompson, trans., The Holy Bible, Containing the Old and New Covenant, Commonly Called the Old and New Testament, Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, Volume 4. Google books. See associated related links here.
French: Giguet (ca. 2000-) La Septante LXX: Ongoing French translation of the LXX. French supplemented by Brenton's English translation.
French: Canessa (1997) André Canessa: 1 Esdras
Russian: Vinokurov (2002-) Alexey Vinokurov: Ongoing translation of LXX (NT already completed) into Russian. HTML with PDF files. Word uses are indexed, too.
Spanish: Jünemann (1992) Guillermo Jünemann Beckschaefer: translation completed in 1928, but published only in 1992. Freely available for Windows or Palm/Pocket PC.

Translation Projects (Print and Online)

In addition to the piecemeal and entire translations mentioned in the table above, there are numerous LXX translation projects. What follows is a list of projects with some presence on the Internet.

The Apostolic Bible is an interlinear edition of the whole Bible (including the LXX, shorter canon) sold on CD-ROM or in hardcopy. The Greek text is based on a synthesis of the Vaticanus-Sixtine and Aldine texts. English translation follows the Authorized Version. 

The Center for Traditionalist Orthodox Studies has announced in its journal that "The Septuagint: Old Testament and Apocrypha," complied by Michael Asser, is to be published in six volumes: the Pentateuch, followed by the Historical Books (in 2 volumes), the Poetical Books, and the Minor and Major Prophets (in 2 volumes).

Commentary on the Septuagint (IOSCS) Forthcoming major project, to comment on the entire Septuagint. Read their prospectus.

Paul W. Esposito has made a light revision of most of Brenton's translation, available online and in print.

Orthodox Study Bible (Eastern Orthodox; click here for the older site) Published 2008 by Thomas Nelson.

New English Translation of the Septuagint (Academic) Published 2007 by Oxford University Press.

General Introduction: To the Reader of NETS by Albert Pietersma (IOSCS) Explanation of the philosophy underlying the upcoming translation of the LXX into English.
Panel Presentation of NETS, by Albert Pietersma (IOSCS) Address to the tenth congress of the IOSCS, 1998 outlining the NETS.
To the Reader of Psalms, by Albert Pietersma (IOSCS) Notes on the translation of the LXX Psalms into English.
Translation Manual, by Albert Pietersma (IOSCS)

"Open Source" Psalter for Orthodox Christians (unaffiliated) An attempt to pool volunteer resources to translate the LXX psalter.

Peter A. Papoutsis is in the process of translating the entire Greek Bible, based on the LXX of the Apostoliki Diakonia and the Zoe Brotherhood, and the NT of the Patriarch of Constantinople. A few volumes of this edition have so far appeared. Multiple samples are available for free download, in PDF format.

Septuaginta Deutsch. This is the home page celebrating the German Septuagint, begun in 1999 and published in 2008.

Septuaginta Deutsch: das griechische Alte Testament in Übersetzung (LXX.D: University of Koblenz) Prospectus on the new German translation of the LXX.

Kraus, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang. Die griechische Bibel (AT) deutsch: Zur Begründung eines Übersetzungsprojektes
See also this summary by Prof. Dr. Siegfried Kreuzer

Epistle of Aristeas

Epistle of Aristeas, ed. R.H. Charles English translation of a letter from the 3rd c. BC (?), our earliest description of the translation of the LXX. There is an excellent bilingual version compiled by James Miller.

Where to buy a Septuagint

Where can one buy the Greek text of the Septuagint? You can either search for a used copy at (an excellent first place to look for any used book) or order a new copy from the United Bible Societies, the American Bible Society, or Scholarly Bibles. In addition, purports to sell a reprint of The Septuagint Bible, the 1808 translation by Charles Thomson. For the latest critical text (Stuttgart), these can be purchased from the publisher. The Church of Greece also sells copies of the Greek Old Testament, but the text is neither Rahlfs' nor Stuttgart, but an ecclesiastical ms. tradition. There is now an interlinear Septuagint published on CD-Rom by The Apostolic Press, although their version does not include diacritical marks. An interview with the project head can be found here

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